I offer four different core services for folks based on their needs and their budgets.


Online nutritional coaching- $119/month

In this program, we’ll be using the MyFitnessPal app to track your food on a daily basis.

The program begins with a 5-7 day period where you’d eat as normal, after which time I’d present you with a 3-page Dietary Analysis reviewing the good, the bad, and what you can do to swap out bad choices for good ones.

After the Dietary Analysis, clients will receive a daily nutritional check-in via MyFitnessPal, as well as a weekly check-in regarding weight, body measurements, and progress photos.

holistic online program (fitness & nutrition) - $250/month

Holistic online clients will receive the same Online Nutrition Program described above, plus a personalized fitness plan tailored to them and their goals.

The fitness program will be accessed through the PW Fat Loss fitness app, which will provide workouts with detailed video instruction, as well as daily notifications for what you’re expected to do that day.

The app also has progress tracking technology that will enable you to keep track of your weight, your body measurements, and progress photos.

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hybrid holistic program - $380/month

Hybrid clients will receive the same Holistic Online Program as described above, plus a weekly in-person session with me.

The Hybrid Program is for Nassau and Western Suffolk County residents only!

Your weekly session can entail anything, from assisted body measurements, body fat calculations, and progress photos, to discussions regarding current difficulties, to a personal training session.

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in-person holistic program - $80/session monthly package rate

In-Person Clients get all of the perks of the above Hybrid Program, but will get anywhere from 3-5 in-person sessions per week.

Packages start at the 12 session-per-month mark, with further discounts if you’re interested in paying for multiple months upfront.