It all started when…

I was in third grade.

I was at Little League practice.

I didn’t want to be there.

The coaches couldn’t console me.

My parents had to come on the field and drag me to the car, knowing full well I’d probably never return again.

I got my way. I quit.

Instead of being physically active, I decided to have a sedentary childhood.

Pete Fat Kid.png

This resulted in me gaining a great amount of weight very quickly, which then led to me being picked on by classmates.

From simply being called ‘fat,’ to being fat-shamed so badly that I brought an extra shirt with me to summer camp for when I went in the pool, I heard it all!

I finally decided to do something when I had my annual physical entering junior high school.

After weighing in, my pediatrician sat me down in front of my dad, and said point blank, ‘Peter, you’re very overweight. You have fatty deposits all over your body. Do you want to have bigger boobs than the girls in school?’

This angered me, and I used that anger as motivation.

I began exercising, and I began to play baseball and to run track.

Peter Baseball.png
Peter Track.png

Through the added physical activity, I maintained my weight and grew into my body.

I thought I had my weight under control… That is, until my sophomore year of college…

Me entering my Freshman Year of College

Me entering my Freshman Year of College

Me after my Sophomore 70 Weight Gain!

Me after my Sophomore 70 Weight Gain!

I decided it was time to lose weight after gaining 70 lbs inside of the first three months of my Sophomore Year.

Almost as quickly as the attention, the girls, and the grades came, they went!

My confidence was in the gutter, and it was time to do something about it…

My weight loss journey started off pretty well. Through calorie restriction, I lost 40 lbs in the first four months.

Sadly, I wouldn’t lose another lb for another THREE YEARS!!

That’s even after I got my first personal training certification, thinking it would turn me on to some dietary method that I must’ve been missing.

It didn’t.

Fortunately, almost by accident, I got turned onto CrossFit©, and then the Paleo Diet, which focuses more so on quality of food over the quantity that you consume.

This opened up other dietary avenues like the Ketogenic Diet, and through the added discovery of a food allergy to dairy, I lost all the weight I’d gained, plus another 30 on top of that - Totaling exactly 100 lbs!

My Before/After Picture

My Before/After Picture

Since then, I’ve become a health, fitness, and nutrition expert who helps people burn fat, eat better, and exercise regularly.

I do this by helping my clients build healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits that are customized to their individual needs. With six different fitness and nutrition certifications, 10 years of coaching others on these principles, and a sustained personal weight loss of 100 lbs, I’m uniquely qualified to help you succeed on your mission to NEVER look back at where you started!

Pete’s List of Certifications:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (Athletic Training)

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (Rehab)

  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist

  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist